Immersive Experiences and Technologies

Infrastructure for Digital Multisensory Systems (2013-)
This project presents a solution on how to bind different mulsemedia technologies without decreasing QoE. Its goal is to allow researchers to leverage a robust infrastructure to carry out their investigations.
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Understanding Mulsemedia Systems (2018-2019)
Creating mulsemedia systems requires understanding their digital ecosystem. This project aims to clarify the meaning of mulsemedia through ontologies to aid the design of systems.
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Quality of Experience in Mulsemedia Systems (2018-)
This project aims at understanding users QoE by investigating their perceptions through both subjective surveys and objective evaluations, and in desktop settings and immersive 360° environments.
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Internet of Things

Architecture for Semantic IoT Data Enrichment (2019-)
This project investigates architectures for semantic enrichment of IoT data and proposes a conceptual architecture to support semantic interoperability in the IoT domain.
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LAURA Architecture for WSN/IoT Applications (2014-2019)
This project presents LAURA – a service-oriented architecture to support the development, deployment, and execution of Situation-aware or Business-aware IoT applications.
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Remote Patient Monitoring using IoT (2019-)
This project focuses on providing patients health condition monitoring to medical teams using the IoT and eHealth technologies. It allows compliance with treatment outside the hospital environment.
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