LAURA Architecture for WSN/IoT Applications

This project presents LAURA – Lean AUtomatic code generation for situation-awaRe Application – a service-oriented architecture to support the development, deployment, and execution of Situation-aware or Business-aware IoT applications, which realize several integrated facilities. LAURA components operate in a coordinated way to provide high-level stakeholders with an easier way for developing dynamic real-world IoT applications.

Federal Insitute of Espírito Santo, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Catholic University of Brasília, and Catholic University of Victoria – University Center.

– Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Brasília)

LAURAS’s Github repository:

Related publications:
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– TEIXEIRA, S.; AGRIZZI, B. A.; PEREIRA FILHO, J. G.; ROSSETTO, S.; BALDAM, R. L., Modeling and automatic code generation for Wireless Sensor Network Applications using Model-Driven or Business Process approaches: A systematic mapping study. Journal of Systems and Software, 2017.

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