Infrastructure for Remote Patient Monitoring using IoT

This project focuses on providing patients health condition monitoring to medical teams using the IoT and eHealth technologies. It allows compliance with treatment outside the hospital environment. This research has focused on building and evaluating a platform called HealthDash which is able to support the whole process of patients monitoring, from data collection to the access of this information by external parties. Furthermore, this platform is concerned with synchronization with cloud services and the inclusion of annotations from external data processing.

Federal Institute of Espírito Santo.

– Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa e Inovação do Espírito Santo

Related publications:
– CELESTRINI, J. R.; ROCHA, R. N.; SANTOS, C. A. S.; MOTA, V. F. S. ; FILHO, J. G. P.; ANDREÃO, R. V., HealthDash: Monitoramento remoto de pacientes utilizando programação baseada em fluxo de dados, SBCAS ’19 , 2019.

– Development of applications integrating web services, data sources and IoT devices with Node-RED –

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