About us

Multimedia and Networking Research Lab (LPRM) is located at UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo), Vitória-ES, Brazil. Currently, our research spans across the following fields (not limited to them):

– Network architectures
– Ubiquitous computing
– The Internet of Things
– Wireless sensor network
– Collaborative systems (crowdsourcing)
– Immersive experiences (VR and mulsemedia)

Furthermore, LPRM supports learning activities for technology undergraduate courses such as Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Read about our main projects here.

LPRM is also on ResearchGate.

Recognizing that many computing researchers, practitioners, and academics are now working remotely, for the next three months, through June 30, 2020, there will be no fees assessed for accessing or downloading work published by ACM in our Digital Library, https://t.co/T6xM28vjyS

#PhDThesis summary included in Vol.11 Issue 4 of #ACM #SIGMM Records: https://t.co/T2q19qo3vs; Author: Estêvão Bissoli Saleme (@EstevaoSaleme); Supervisor: Dr. Celso Alberto Saibel Santos; Co-Supervisor: Dr. George Ghinea; Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES). Congrats!

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